Galpin Volvo has seen enough cars to know when an automaker has knocked it out of the park, and Volvo has done that with its ever so popular luxury compact SUV: the XC60. There is a lot to love about this vehicle, but we can't cover all that right now, so let's talk about two features.


The 2.0L V4 may feel small for a vehicle like this one, but it packs in a lot of power, and you are going to feel it as soon as you take a test drive. You get up to 250 horsepower from this engine. You also get up 28 miles per gallon, which can get you around Van Nuys with no problems.

All-Wheel Drive

This is another feature that we think is great to have in an SUV. These vehicles are large, so having control gives you more handling power and more precision. You are going to need that in the city, and you are definitely going to need it if you are going off-road.

These are just some of the features we think make the XC60 a great Volvo and a good choice for you, but come down to take a test drive to see if we are right.



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