The Volvo S60 is a signature example of a luxury compact sedan. It's tight and refined, with plenty leg room, safety and tech features. This sedan't heart beats like a race car's, with trend-forward performance features to boot. Here are two such performance features that our team at Galpin Volvo are really excited about.

8-Speed Manumatic Transmission

The Volvo S60 multi-gear transmission offers smooth, quick, zero-lag gear shifts for more responsive acceleration and deceleration on roads in Van Nuys. The transmission is a manual/automatic hybrid, boasting the precision of a microprocessor-controlled automatic with the convenience of manual mode for more dynamic, sporty driving.

The Chassis That Changes

A Four-C Active Chassis gives Volvo S60 the ability to adapt chassis characteristics to overcome unique driving scenarios. When you select a Comfort, Eco or Dynamic Drive Mode Setting, the chassis tweaks its own shock absorption to better diffuse the effects of bumpy, off-road terrain.

Take the Volvo S60 for a spin today with a fun, quick test drive at Galpin Volvo.



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