There's nothing like enjoying a relaxing drive on a nice spring day. To be able to take that drive, though, you've first got to take care of your vehicle. Since we at Galpin Volvo love driving just as much as you do, we want to help you by offering these simple and effective car care tips.

One thing you'll want to do is to have your oil and filter replaced. Even if it's just a little early for this maintenance item, it's a good idea to do it now before you become too busy with summer activities. Of course, if you've recently had your oil changed, then you should be good to go for a while, depending on your driving habits around Van Nuys, CA.

Another maintenance item to address is to have your cooling system flushed and filled with new coolant. This will allow your radiator to remove heat from your engine more effectively, which will help keep your engine from overheating.

For a complete inspection of your vehicle and for assistance with spring maintenance, feel free to stop by our dealership service center today.

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